The people behind the change.


The world faces an urgent need for climate action, yet the voices and efforts of young leaders addressing these issues in their communities often go unheard. The creators of ChangeMakers identified this gap and aimed to fill it by producing a documentary series that highlights activists tackling global climate challenges at the grassroots level. However, the challenge was translating the narratives of these activists into a visually captivating and marketable brand identity that could attract the attention of digital streaming platforms.


To address this challenge, the producers of the ChangeMakers sought a creative partner to develop a visual identity that could effectively communicate the essence of the series. Our team worked with designer Marcus Soniat to propose a comprehensive branding solution that included logo creation, design language development, pitch deck design templates, and strategic consulting.

Visual Identity + Design Language

After understanding their vision, values, and target audience, Marcus created a logo system that drew inspiration from the map making process. With episodes set to be filmed in Greece, Panama, Bangladesh, and beyond, the resulting logo points to the series' international nature while also highlighting the global impact of climate change. The logo and supporting elements are versatile, powerful, and humanistic. 

Additional elements in the design language such as color and typography convey the common tone of inspiration by capturing the energy and optimism of the activists' efforts. 

Strategic Consulting

To support the ChangeMakers team in their pitch presentations to digital streaming platforms, our team created custom slide designs for their pitch deck and consulted on presentation copy. With communication and marketing strategy in mind, we tailored the presentation to highlight the ChangeMakers mission, production plan, and potential impact.


While the team is still working to finalize the pilot, our goal is that potential producers see, accept and love the brand identity we helped develop. Once launched the visual identity will assist in amplifying the stories of global humanitarians working to save our planet. 

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